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#Common NameSpecific NamedbhheightwidthcondCommentsPruningSprayOther
1Red mapleAcer rubrum320685%Wound at base of stem.
2Kwanzan flowering cherryPrunus serrulata 'Kwanzan'23223545%CBT, suckers at base of stem, deadwoodXXPrune suckers from base of tree.
3English oakQuercus robur25505580%Aphid infestation, deadwood, girdling root.XCut visible girdling roots at rootcrown.
4Southern red elmUlmus serotina11353060%Very asymmetric structure.Prune oak (#5) to create canopy space for elm.
5English oakQuercus robur39807070%Double leader with included bark. Objects in tree.XRemove objects from tree. Monitor included bark. Prune to make space for elm.
6English oakQuercus robur32657570%Girdling root, deadwood.XCut 2" girdling root on SW side of trunk.
7Bigleaf mapleAcer macrophyllum34705070%DeadwoodX
8English oakQuercus robur23655060%DeadwoodX
9Sawara cypressChamaecyparis pisifera13402530%Suppressed by oak #11.Remove tree.
10Sawara cypressChamaecyparis pisifera11352030%Suppressed by oak #11.Remove tree.
11Red oakQuercus rubra32908070%Deadwood, girdling root on east buttress.XCut girdling roots at buttress on east side of trunk.
12Dutch elmUlmus x hollandica30707050%Leaf miner insect damage, suckers.Thin suckers along trunk.
13Bigleaf mapleAcer macrophyllum36806050%girdling root on buttress on SW side.XCut 2" girdling root on SW side of buttress.
14Dutch elmUlmus x hollandica20703050%Deadwood.X
15Dutch elmUlmus x hollandica30906050%DeadwoodX
16Mt. AshSorbus acuparia21404035%Deadwood, stem decay, girdling roots.Remove tree.
17Red oakQuercus rubra38909570%DeadwoodX
18Douglas-firPseudotsuga menzeseii94018100%
19Dutch elmUlmus x hollandica26804550%Deadwood, double leader.XMonitor double leader with included bark.
20Dutch elmUlmus x hollandica28805050%
21Sawara cypressChamaecyparis pisifera14,23601870%Single canopy with #22.
22Sawara cypressChamaecyparis pisifera20601870%
23Dutch elmUlmus x hollandica24704050%DeadwoodX
24Dutch elmUlmus x hollandica25704050%DeadwoodX
25Dutch elmUlmus x hollandica30704050%DeadwoodX
26Dutch elmUlmus x hollandica38605020%Deadwood, tree in decline. DED potential.Prune ivy and suckers from base.
27Sugar mapleAcer saccharum52512800%Wound at base of stem.Recommend rootcrown excavation to assess girdling root potential.
28Sugar mapleAcer saccharum6302590%Girdling root, 18" trunk wound.ditto
29Sugar mapleAcer saccharum7302590%Girdling root.ditto
30Sugar mapleAcer saccharum8353090%Crossing limbs, spatial competition with #31XDitto. Prune to remove crossing limbs.
31Common horsechestnutAesculus hippocastanum9302590%Girdling trunk wound, spatial competition with #30.Remove tree
32Yoshino flowering cherryPrunus yedoensis30305040%CBT, suckers at base of stemXX
33Yoshino flowering cherryPrunus yedoensis36303540%CBT, suckers at base of stem, deadwoodXX
34Kwanzan flowering cherryPrunus serrulata 'Kwanzan'13301050%Tree leaning, no visible buttress flare, internal decay.Remove tree.
35Colorado sprucePicea pungens7401650%Declining condition
36Colorado sprucePicea pungens11352065%
37Kousa dogwoodCornus kousa3121890%poorly rooted.Recommend regular watering during summer months.
38Sycamore mapleAcer pseudoplantanus16,18,18606080%aphid infestation.
39Lawson cypressChamaecyparis lawsoniana12601270%
40Lawson cypressChamaecyparis lawsoniana 'glauca'16401470%
41Lawson cypressChamaecyparis lawsoniana 'glauca'14401470%
42Sycamore mapleAcer pseudoplantanus12503570%
43Pacific dogwoodCornus nuttallii8451260%
44Colorado sprucePicea pungens16501250%
45Colorado sprucePicea pungens15501640%Declining condition. Ski fastened to trunk.Remove ski from tree.
46Moss cypressChamaecyparis pisifera 'Squarrosa'18,13404560%
47Lawson cypressChamaecyparis lawsoniana16,9904070%Single canopy with #48 & 49.
48Lawson cypressChamaecyparis lawsoniana16
49Lawson cypressChamaecyparis lawsoniana30
50Lawson cypressChamaecyparis lawsoniana21903070%Single canopy with #51 & 52
51Lawson cypressChamaecyparis lawsoniana12,9
52Lawson cypressChamaecyparis lawsoniana16
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