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Cash Contributors
Cynthia Johnson
Margaret Corley
Dave Gossard
Richard Carter
Katherine Crossley
Greg Dallaire
Dorothy Bullitt
Lucille James
CR Longyear
Susan Routh
Dorothy Smith
Donald Kronenberg
Theresa Downey
Jan Wright
Jonathan Kauffman
Eldon Franz
Ronald Biel
Sybil Frankenburg
Ann McIntyre
Randy Urmstrom
Doug Bayley
Tim Clancy
Tim Kerr
Sandy Pappas
Phoebe O’Neill
Martin Paup
John Turner
Edna Natkin
Walter Williams
Fiore Pignataro
Linda Secord
Bev Corwin
Judith Whetzel
Paul Agid
Gene Silberberg
Sharon Johnson
Elizabeth Thomas
Jane Stonecipher
Donald Logan
Robert Hunter
Susan McIntyre
Andrew Miller
Jane Ehlert
John Teutsch
Heather Oaksen
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Organizational Support
State of Washinton-CTED
Seattle Parks and Recreation
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
Son of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Karen Kiest Landscape Architects
Seattle Department of Transportation
The St. Johns’s Lodge No.9 F&AM – Seattle
Associated Recreation Council
Owen Watson Scout Group
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In Kind Contributors
Emerald City Compost
Tim Kerr
Anna and Tom Rudd
Cynthia Wells
Jane and Dirk Ehlert
Tom and Margaret Easthope
Teresa Roth
Denise Ottoson
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FGAR Board
Cynthia Wells – President
Tom Easthope – Treasurer/Webmaster
Tom Rudd – Secretary
David James
Jane Ehlert
Anna Rudd
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Special Thanks To
Sue DeNure
Karen Kiest
Pam Kilment
Garry Owens
Ken Lane
Bill Keller
The Daily Flag Raisers – Tim, Tom, Allan, Steve
Lee Corbin
FGAR would like to form a committee to research and gather historical information concerning the GAR Cemetery Park. Needs include: gathering all information about the park in one location. In addition, the FGAR has been unable to find any information about the park from 1895 to 1922. Those interested please contact us at friends{at}fgar.org.
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