Basic Facts of Ownership were noted as follows:
-The cemetery plots are owned and managed by the Sons of Union Veterans.
-The cemetery is inside the park.
-As a practical matter, the park and cemetery are maintained together by the Parks Department and FGAR.
-The Park area around the cemetery is owned and managed by the Parks Dept.
-The “Lincoln” logs were installed in the early 1970’s to discourage dirt bikes, etc.
-Lots of descendents of the buried live in the region.
-Parks Dept. lawn mowers were not designed for cemeteries and they chip the headstones.
-558 people are buried in the cemetery. There are approximately 500 headstones in the cemetery.

-The following public comments were noted concerning issues and opportunities:
-Many visitors arrive from the northwest corner.
-The park is (used as) a dog run.
-The park should become unified with the inner cemetery with better neighborhood feel for peaceful, tranquil enjoyment.
-The park is used by young children on the east and west sides.
-Informal, multiple uses are good.
-Area between the hedges is pleasant as it is.
-Area inside the hedges is a dead area.
-Seasonality and different uses (stages of the day) and user groups are great.
-Trees to remove and add are critical (to the desirable park atmosphere)
-No need to add a lot of different trees.
-Add plants to attract birds, such as Butterfly Bush.
-Park should not be too gentrified or manicured – let it be more wild if anything (this mentioned twice.)
-Entry Island could have more plant diversity.
-Flow between inner and outer part of park is good.
-Flower beds instead of hedge desirable.
-Taller plants (like a hedge) would be good.
-Inner Park is too hedge-intensive.
-Need to maintain hedges annually.
-Low hedges good.
-Soldier statues standing guard in the 4 corners (of the cemetery).
-Park benches could be stone seats such as pillar basalt.
-Add bronze civil war cannons.
-History and signage important.
-Night uses, there are good ones and bad ones.
-Statues, etc. (if added) could be vandalized.
-Need better maintenance.
-Consult with Historic Seattle.
-Cemetery center is good as a center for the park but should be more permeable.
-Relationships Between Park, Cemetery and Neighbors
-Karen Kiest and Brooks Kolb Address Group

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